Cryptocurrency Journal #1

I’ve become a new fan of trading and earning cryptocurrency through Smart Contracts/Crowdfunding! It’s super fun. I would love to share my experience and journey with everyone…at this point – I feel like a baby crypto investor but I’ll get bigger!

My journey literally started 7 days ago. I decided to join a platform (Forsage) underneath my Facebook friend from Louisiana. With about a $250 investment I was able to invest in Etherum cryptocurrency and purchase ‘levels’ in the platform. You don’t have to get in at that price, you can start the ETH for about $60 I think! Woot! And for about $25 you can start TRON!

It’s so fun.

The idea of crowdfunding is to fundraise through the power of numbers and help from others. With small investments, more ‘slots’ open up and more probability of earning increases.

So. Here’s what I’ve done.

I loaded about $250 in my cryptocurrency wallet in the form of ETH.

I followed my sponors’s link (Here’s mine <) from within my cryptowallet (I recommend app).

I got connected to the back office of and then signed up an account.

When signing up my account the startup fee is .025 ETH x 2 (0.05) of the current ETH price.

Then I was logged into the backoffice and purchased ‘levels’ in the 3x and 4x programs. Super easy.

That’s it. I’ve spent about $250 total and in not doing anything whatsoever yet, I’m situated for my first .025 of ETH very very soon (maybe tomorrow!! I’m so excited). The more slots I can open the more probability of commission, spill-overs, and inflation is always happening with this coin, too!

Can’t wait to start my TRON (TRX) contract tomorrow! Woot! Tron is super cheap and FAST AND FURIOUS with the spillovers and commissions, etc.

4 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Journal #1

  1. #Forsage Tron XGold Smart Contract:

    ✅ Buy #Tron coin then use Tron coin to activate levels 1-15
    ✅ Includes 3 different ‘programs’ with each program including 15 levels
    ✅ X3Program: purpose is to receive 100% commission. When someone signs up below you and activates level 1 in the X3Program, you automatically receive 100 Tron. When then activate level 2, you receive 200 Tron and so on.
    ✅ X4Program: purpose is to receive ‘spillover’ payments from people in your entire upline (people above you) and your entire downline (people you’ve signed up below you and people they have signed up below them)
    ✅ XGoldProgram: same as x4 program above but more spots and different/more lucrative payment structure.
    ✅ Once a level is activated, you never have to activate it again and continue to receive profits from that same level over and over and over.
    ✅ Never expires, stays active for life!
    ✅ Tron coin is about 3 cents per coin
    ✅ Buy coin on Trustwallet app
    ✅ Transfer coin to Tokenpocket app
    ✅ Join the Smart Contract through Tokenpocket and earn to the moon! 🚀


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