Crytocurrency Journal #2

Day two of my cryptocurrency journey is underway! Today there were many new developments and I’m excited to share them.

I signed up with two Tron Forsage contracts today! Yes, this is so exciting because I feel like I have now opened the flood gates for any type of blessing that has ever wanted to come my way to now COME MY WAY! I’ve always wanted to do crowdfunding…I just never really knew what it was.

I remember many years ago when I was married my husband asked me how I was planning on going about ever paying off my students loans. We laughed about it and although it was a passing joke, often, I always had a solution in mind – – crowdfunding! I didn’t quite know how to do it or who would sign up, but I had a great idea.

I have always had around $250,000 in student loan debit – – it takes my breathe away. I hate it. ANYWAYS, I told my husband “Well, it will be easy – I just find 250,000 people to give me a dollar!”. He never really thought the idea made any sense and well, it it didn’t work out – I just thought that I would married forever and he and I together would figure it out.

Big fat dumb me.

Long story short, we divorced a while later. I have always thought of and wondered if some type of donation and community-drive ‘done me a few pennies please!’ would or wouldn’t work. But, the thing is Im learning, Forsage isn’t like donating to people, nor is it selling anyone anything; it’s so much more simpler yet meaningful…Forsage is the ability to be a part of a new ecosystem of currency exchange and community partnership. That’s really all it is – supporting ourselves to support others…it’s genius.

I bought into two contracts today; Tron Lite and Forsage Tron. These are the genuine, real deal contracts! Being that they are both funded through Tron coin, my strategy (of which helps everyone involved!) is to open as many levels as possible and recruit as many people as I can. Forever. I believe in all three of these contracts (including Ethereum) and certainly know that digital currency is the future.

I have great news! I got my FIRST ETHEREUM OVERFLOW PAYOUT TODAY! I am so excited to report that I earned 0.025 ETH ($15.00USD) and it went directly to my cryptowallet. It’s fantastic, decentralized, and felt very empowering to have earned my first ‘bubble’!

Looking forward to seeing what the future brings. I’m becoming a believer, are you? Join anytime! You can check out the contracts below and hey, maybe you’ll decide to join the train like I did! What do you think about crytocurrency? Any advice?

Forsage Ethereum:

Forsage Tron:

Forsage Tron Lite:

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