Cryptocurrency Journal #3

Well – I’ve been doing great! This is about week 2 with my Tron Forsage contracts and about a month into my Ethereum Forsage contracts. I’ve been making money!

It’s been a very fun venture but very exhausting, why? I’ve been working with others from all over the world trying to help them understand what cryptocurrency and smart contracts are. India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka…and they are about 10 hours ahead of my time zone. So, that is the exahusting part.

But – Here is my tally thus far on all three contracts:

Forsage Ethereum = 1 recruit, $273 earnings

Forsage Tron XGold = 4 recruits, $397 earnings

Forsagetron = 3 recruits, $244 earnings

So, as you can see – the smart contracts are working and paying and earning!

What Have I Learned?

The Ethereum smart contract is on fire and just 1 simple spillover payment was $127. It’s really the greatest smart contract that I’ve found and Forsage has so many new ‘things’ i the works including a new direct messaging service to message upline, the Gold levels are coming very soon which allows that much more spillover, and just in the past few weeks the price of Ethereum has risen quite a bit. Today, the price of Ethereum is around $650. Wow!

The TronXGold contract is fantastic and is really the contract that allows people to get started with around $15. While $15 is enough Tron to purchase level 1, the more levels one purchases and unlocks the higher the spillovers and commissions. The 100% commission from the x3 program is what keeps the balls rolling…this is a very fun contract and I can see the potential to make tremendous earnings in the next few months. My goal is to get 20 people engaged in this contract.

The Forsagetron FST contract has paid me $244 and I haven’t done any work on that contract! I have 3 new recruits and I don’t know who they are or where they came from!? But, that’s the joy of these contracts is that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want or you can pass out the good word to everyone and every place…and POOF! New recruits!

So, that is my experience thus far. If you want in on the cryptocurrency madness, let me know…the Ethereum contract is going to explode and this is the time to get on board before the price of Eth goes through the roof. Also, within days the Gold program is being launched in the Ethereum contract – so, NOW IS THE TIME!

Happy crypto mining and earning!


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