Ethereum Skyrocketed!

Well – I’ve been journaling about my cryptocurrency adventure. But today – – – today was crazy! Ethereum is scheduled to increase to 10k this year and if you have ever wanted to get on the crypto train, now is the time.

I was skeptical and impatient, but the coin sure did blow up today. Bitcoin is through the roof too and well, now is the time to invest I’ve learned. If I don’t, I won’t earn.

I have earned about $473 on my Ethereum contract and over $500 on my other two contracts. I’ve recruited a few people in the past few weeks but haven’t worked hard at it. I’m still learning how to recruit…it’s not easy.

Learning about cryptocurrency comes with learning all types of realities about what the scamming world is up to. In all honesty, I never really knew how many scammers there were out there. Why? Well, people are desparate I suppose and the fake accounts on Facebook are through the roof. I really wish Facebook would start making people verify themselves through video verification. I’ve tried Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter – – they all just drive me crazy.

Anyhow, do you invest in crypto? If so, feel free to share you story.



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