It’s Bullrun for Ethereum!

For those of you who aren’t sure what to do? We are in a bull year cycle which follows the Bitcoin halving year (last year). This is an opportunity year. We are in the same year as 2017 where Eth was about $8.36 on January 1st 2017 and went all the way to $400.54 on June 12th and ultimately to about $1440 (ETH) on January 14th 2018 which ended the bull cycle. Yes, there will be corrections along the way but not like 2018 after the all time high. When the price of Eth goes up fast a correction is healthy and allows more investors to jump in and build it higher. Corrections are something to understand and respect.

Think about simply investing more during each correction this year. If you sell, you will most likely regret it by the time this year is over. We are 12 months away from the end of this bull cycle. This bull cycle has already happened like clock work two times after Bitcoin halvings 1 and 2. This 3rd Bitcoin halving bull cycle is right on track based on 2020.

The overall crypto market cap is going to pass 1 trillion soon and keep on going. Believe in what your getting into.

Join Forsage now so you don’t miss out! It will continue to skyrocket just like #Bitcoin has….

Contact me if your curious!


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