I matter and you do too

As a 40-year old single white American, educated Hungarian woman earning $2500 a month working full time, I will never:

✅ qualify for affordable health care
✅ qualify for student loan assistance at a balance of over 250k
✅ qualify for childcare or dependent credits
✅ qualify for food assistance
✅ qualify to get a covid vaccine
✅ qualify for housing assistance
✅ be able to buy a house
✅ see any stimulus payments because I made more than $75k in 2019…in 2020? Less than 30k
✅ get away with not paying the highest tax bracket required (single at the higher rate)
✅ receive any special treatment for my race
✅ ever ever ever be able to pay my student loans off
✅ will never be able to travel, save money, or enjoy the world outside of my little country town in Oregon
✅ recover the wages I’ve lost this year to being laid off due to covid
✅ qualify for a free brick of cheese
✅ be able to pay back the 10k in fines that the Obama administration charged me for the “redistribution of wealth” tax penalty for so many other people can access health care, but I could not.

I can manifest and dream and hope all I want, but money talks and I’m just an 8-digit number.

I don’t matter. My voice and ideas don’t matter. These are the facts for so many people like me.

But – I do have #hope. I do #dream. I don’t hurt others or harm anyone. I do believe that some day karma will be the saving grace in my life. I do know that I matter and I do know that I am somebody.

The ink on the screen above are the facts but the #truth is, I am an exceptional human filled with #compassion for all. I matter…and…


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