Forsage Tron XGold Smart Contract

✅ Buy #Tron coin then use Tron coin to activate levels 1-15
✅ Includes 3 different ‘programs’ with each program including 15 levels
✅ X3Program: purpose is to receive 100% commission. When someone signs up below you and activates level 1 in the X3Program, you automatically receive 100 Tron. When then activate level 2, you receive 200 Tron and so on.
✅ X4Program: purpose is to receive ‘spillover’ payments from people in your entire upline (people above you) and your entire downline (people you’ve signed up below you and people they have signed up below them)
✅ XGoldProgram: same as x4 program above but more spots and different/more lucrative payment structure.
✅ Once a level is activated, you never have to activate it again and continue to receive profits from that same level over and over and over.
✅ Never expires, stays active for life!
✅ Tron coin is about 3 cents per coin
✅ Buy coin on Trustwallet app
✅ Transfer coin to Tokenpocket app
✅ Join the Smart Contract through Tokenpocket and earn to the moon! 🚀

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